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Rios Marketing helps businesses to achieve success by developing data-driven, measurable marketing & communication plans to increase sales, drive traffic and build brand affinity. By leveraging today's tools and platforms online in an affordable way, a marketing investment can go a long way. We also help established businesses who see the value in the Hispanic consumer market as the next level of growth for their company by developing Hispanic Marketing Plans. The growth of the Hispanic consumer's spending power, especially in the Philadelphia area, provides an opportunity for established local businesses to reach another consumer base.

"Leveraging years of corporate experience, we help small businesses achieve success by developing data-driven, measurable marketing plans to increase sales, visibility and brand affinity. We works with entrepreneurs to leverage today’s media channels and platforms in an affordable way to ensure marketing investment remains a line item."
Maria Cristina RIOs


Rios Marketing is led by Maria Cristina Rios, a recognized marketing leader specializing in retail, multicultural and event marketing. Her experience includes every aspect of promotional strategy from creative to media, including digital and social media, demand generation, public relations, and content strategy. She’s adept in building data-driven strategies and brokering key partnerships to increase customer loyalty. Maria Cristina brings a wealth of experience having worked at Fortune 500 companies with considerable retail footprints. She began her career in Houston, TX, at Foley’s, a May Company department store, and-after various organizational changes-landed at the Macy’s New York headquarters. In 2017, Comcast brought her to Philadelphia to lead the multicultural and event strategy for its 500+ Xfinity stores.


  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Insights & Target Market Development
  • Hispanic Marketing Strategy & Planning


  • Storytelling & Creative Campaign Development
  • Media Relations (National, Local & Multicultural)
  • Creative Production


  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Analysis & Reporting

What we do

Strategic Media Planning

Marketing strategies and plans its implementations in the target market.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Reach out to the target audience, while social media marketing is limited to online boundaries

Retail Marketing

Bringing a product directly to customers in a retail store.

Content Marketing

A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain

English & Spanish Copywriting

Writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing.

Community and Media Relations

Media relations and public relations practitioners should read as many magazines, journals, newspapers, and blogs as possible, as they relate to one's practice.